Our History


Established in Cantù shortly after the Second World War, the company Cattaneo Fratelli is now widespread Italian company abroad and mainly known for the uniqueness of the products that it can offer. The origins of the development of a successful company is the work and commitment of three generations of the Cattaneo’s family, first of all Luigi Cattaneo, who founded the company that bore his name in 1947.
In the 50′ the company moved to a more central area of Cantù, the seat of an old family weaving and the first employees are hired. In the same years the company is associated with the “Consorzio Esposizione Mobili” of Cantù, so-called “Cem”, an association of 200 craftsmen set up in 1949 and, thanks to this consortium for Luigi Cattaneo presents the first major opportunity to work for clients senior foreign. At the same time the space begins to be limited and in 1952 the company was again transferred, this time in an even bigger lab, about 100 square meters and the simultaneous entry into the company of the sons was hired a new employee; born Cattaneo Fratelli.
Leveraging the registration to Cem, the company develops more and more, and live a period of production boom, in particular of products destined for the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Bahrain and Kuwait in particular. At the same time the company began producing furniture also for Libyan Embassy in Moscow and begins to decorate various embassies around the world.
From 1965 begin and continue over the years collaborations with internationally renowned architects, such as Carlo de Carli. In the 1968 and 1969 the Cattaneo Fratelli began working with prestigious brands in Japan and in Korea that leads quickly to a rapidly growing demand for our brand. At the same time to the Japanese and Korean demand soaring, the company once again a need for more space in which to conduct its business, also because of the production of furniture for an international stores chain, and moved in the new and existing shed of 3000 square meters which has added another 2,000 square meters more recently.
The Cattaneo Fratelli continues with its expansion coming to export its product in many countries around the world. In 2007 starts a new phase of “exploration” for the company and begins to enter new territories, such as in Eastern Europe and some Asian countries. Currently the company is present every year at the Salone del Mobile in Milan since 1961, in addition to having participated for almost thirty years, since 1985, the trade show Salon du Meuble de Paris, France.